Financial Information

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Financial Statements
AMBEE Financial Statements (Audited) 2015-2016 (18 Months) pdf 376.36 KB  
AMBEE Financial Statements (Audited) 2014 pdf 245.92 KB  
AMBEE Financial Statements (Audited) 2013 pdf 208.64 KB  
AMBEE Financial Statements (Audited) 2012 pdf 134.50 KB  
Un-audited Quarterly Accounts
3rd Quarter Accounts (Un-audited) for the period ended 31st March 2017 pdf 155.04 KB  
1st Quarter Accounts (Un-audited) for the period ended 30th September 2016 pdf 89.13 KB  
2nd Quarter Accounts (Un-audited) for the period ended 31st December 2016 pdf 164.49 KB  
1st Quarter Accounts (Un-audited) 2015 pdf 208.51 KB  
2nd Quarter (Half Yearly) Financial Report (Un-audited) 2015 pdf 334.63 KB  
3rd Quarter Accounts (Un-audited) 2015 pdf 114.50 KB  
Price Sensitive Information
Price Sensitive Information-2016 pdf 84.33 KB  
Price Sensitive Information-2015 pdf 58.23 KB  
Price Sensitive Information-2014 pdf 57.89 KB  
Price Sensitive Information-2013 pdf 59.39 KB  
Price Sensitive Information-2012 pdf 81.54 KB  
Directors Report
Directors Report (Latest) pdf 93.71 KB  
Details of Shareholding
Details of Shareholdings pdf 80.18 KB  

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